Tap Water Quality reports

Amano Who?

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Apr 30, 2007
Hello Experts!

I was taking a break from reading all the excellent reports here and checked my water quality online. I get water from the Daventry region courtesy of Anglian water. For my various tanks I use a mixture of rainwater and tap water to suit the setups I have and haven't had any major problems. However, when reading this report I found the following...

"In some areas, where the distribution system is very long, a small amount of ammonia is added along with the chlorine in a process known as chloramination. This information is often of interest to fish keepers. For your information, the water in this zone is chloraminated."

So my water has added ammonia which is mixed with the chlorine? Sounds lethal. Usually if I am going to use tap water I let it stand in a container for a while with some tap safe added. Is this enough?

Perhaps I should not have looked at the water report and stayed blissfully ignorant...




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Dec 3, 2006
Leeds, UK
Tap Safe Removes harmful Chlorine, Chloromine and heavy metals so will be okay to use water after treatment. Just make sure that any water conditioner you use treats Chloromine some only treat chlorine.

And yes ignorance is bliss but i prefer beter safe than sorry.


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Jan 12, 2007
Dorset, UK
Youve obviously been using the water for a good while.. any issues? If not, then Id go back to being blissfully ignorant :) Also though, so long as its not much thats going in to the water, your plants will munch it up very fast when it goes in anyway, with no nitrification biproducts.

the key question here though is, any issues? if not then *shrug*