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Takashi Amano's commission at the Oceanariuim in Lisbon Portugal is ready

Discussion in 'The Aquatic Plant Society' started by acitydweller, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Mar 13, 2012
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    This is the world's largest planted aquarium and something that all hobbyists should see for themselves. The video you will see some of our members participating in this momentous project.

    The area offered by the Lisbon Oceanarium is 600m2. How does he use the 600m2?

    "I want to take full advantage of this size and create a space enclosed by an aquascape" - Amano states. That's where the U-shape 40m tank came from.

    In May 2013, as soon as coming back from Portugal, he instructed his staff to make a model of the tank. The problem was the 4 columns in the space. For the Nature Aquarium, the columns in the tank are nothing but obstacles, so that it needs to be simulated as early as possible. Amano started developing an idea with staff as repeating the layout planning and simulation.

    The reason why it was extremely time-consuming process is not only the 4-column problem, but the consideration of lighting and its ultimate long-term maintenance procedure. The aquarium size turned out to be 40m long, 1.5m water depth and 2.5m depth with the capacity of 170t of water. As considering all those facts, it wasn't easy to make a decision even for Amano. A dynamic layout making people feel as if they are in the middle of the native aquatic environment. In order to make the image real, he draws up the plan step by step carefully but unfailingly based on his experience.

    As we have reported a couple of times about The Largest Nature Aquarium Project in History at Oceanario de Lisboa in Portugal, the layout will finally be created on site by Takashi Amano in the end of this month.

    Many thanks for aquarists in Japan, which we have been asking to donate aquatic plants for this project, we are now wrapping up the final treatment and preparation for those plants to send. We are also very looking forward to success of this project.

    The World's Largest Project of Nature Aquarium

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