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For Sale: Syn sao gabriel, rio negro 06, and lago grande

Discussion in 'Trades, swaps, sales' started by Dennis Singh, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Dennis Singh

    Dennis Singh SynKing!

    May 5, 2013
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    2:43 PM
    individual stems
    Uaupes 2012 - $50 x1
    Uaupes 2010 - $35 x1
    sao g - $18 (sold out)
    rio 06 - $18 (sold out)
    lago grande $4

    sao g x 3 $35 plus ship x 5 $50 shipped (sold out)
    rio 06 x 3 $35 plus ship x 5 $50 shipped (sold out)
    lago grande x 5 $22 shipped, x15 $30 plus ship

    x10 rotala macrandra japan red $30 shipped

    x1 ar opicus, x1 ar variegated, x 1 ar mini $22 shipped (sold out)

    stargrass x 16 stems, $16 shipped (sold out)

    limnophila aromatica x 8 stem, $16 shipped

    sao g
    plants will be completely cleaned of organic material when you receive

    guarantee if usps delays
    shipping is $8 flat rate
    big orders of plants get bigger box $10-$12
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    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017

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