Surface agitation, oxygen, and algae

Henry Hatch

Guru Class Expert
Aug 31, 2006
I was wondering how much of a relationship there is between o2 levels and algae ? I was reading a thread discussing the amount of rippling people use in their co2 tanks. I was surprised at the amount of surface agitation many people had in their tanks.

The amount of rippling got me thinking about the kind of surface agitation caused by a spray bar producing ripples vs a hang on the tank power filter. How different are they ?

I have very little rippling in my 30 gallon diy co2 tank. I think my oxygen levels may be low. Since I reduced the surface agitation in my tank I seem to have more algae problems. Plant growth has also been stunted. I understand the problems with diy co2, but I have successfuly run this same tank with diy co2 in the past with higher levels of surface agitation using a power filter vs the HOT Magnum I have now.