'Surface Agitation' by Suction?


Junior Poster
Oct 24, 2006

I'm currently using the DIY venturi reactor design diagrammed on this site and it works better than great, in fact too great perhaps.

Besides shooting the outtake of the filter towards the water surface to add agitation, would it be possible to raise the venturi reactor so that it creates a mini whirlpool near the surface and occasionally pulls air down into it all the while bubbling CO2 at the same time?

Essentially what happens is since the intake of the power head is on the top of the reactor it's possible to raise it so the intake is close enough to the surface to pull down some, but not a lot, of air into the reactor.

Could this method introduce more O2/air into the tank without out-gassing CO2?

I figure since the air is being sucked in there is very little to no interface where gas could escape at the whirlpool. In addition, it can act as an 'air pump' at night but with the same concept as the micro bubbles of CO2 in the daytime.

I know I could just do the filter-outake-surface-agitation-thing, but I wanted to know if this other way is viable as well.

Thanks a lot!

Edit: Now that I think of it essentially what I'm asking is what happens if you run an air pump into your reactor along with your CO2?