Sump Demo and overflow installation


Plant Guru Team
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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida
Hey all,

My project for the day is to replace my twin canister filters on my 75 gal with a CPR overflow, a wet/dry sump, and a Cerges dwell time unit.

I will post a series of short videos (I hate the upload time :) ) reviewing each piece of hardware, it's function and operation, and how it fits in with the rest.

Hopefully this will clarify things for folks out there that are new to sumps and the like.

I will also show the CPR and a Lifereef U tube overflow side by side (not operating) so you can see how they operate.

I need to pick up the sump in a bit and a foam block for it and some suction cups, but I laid it all out have seem to have all I need.