Substrate nutrients


Junior Poster
Nov 5, 2012
Hi all, I am hoping for some advice, if possible. I have a large tank that I am replanting after it was unused for a few a while. I have 80 liters of river sand in there now and I really like the natural look of it. I want to create a moderately low tech tank with attached ferns, mosses, anubias as well as some planted crypts. I have pressurised CO2 and plenty of light that I can use if needed but am trying to stay low(er) tech if possible. I am familiar with EI and have been successful with it in the past (when I apply myself...). The question I have is, can I effectively get away with adding enrichments to my existing substrate without changing its appearance or having to remove it and add another layer underneath? I plan on only having about 1/3 to 1/2 of the substrate planted and the rest open. Clay fert balls/osmocicles an option, or not enough for the crypts in the long run?

Thanks in advance!