Substrate: Has anyone tried Elos Terra?


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Apr 5, 2006
I been using this substrate in almost ½ year with wery good results.

It has a decreasing effect on kH and a pH stabilizing effect.

Also, theres no buildup of any mulm/dust on the substrate. It somehow gets underneath the substrate instead, so that the substrate is "clean" all the time...

Also wery good growth, especially with glosso... It kinda grasps the substrate with its roots...

Link: Elos The Aquarium Company - Terra - Natural soil


Does this look like AS does - i mean like in size and texture?

I havent tried ADA AS yet - its currently unavailabel i Denmark until I get someone to import it.

I want to know if someone has tried both, and has an idea about whats best.

Price like ADA is cheapest - 5L of Elos Terra costs ~ 40US$, while 9L AS costs ~ 30US$.
So its 3,3$/L for AS and 8$/L for Elos Terra... And these prizes is wholesale...

Im asking because i want to know if its worth to pay for the prizy Elos Terra. Hey - i think its worth it, but if i can get the same results with AS im saving alot.