Substrate enrichment - fluorite black



I am setting up a new tank and I chose to use flourite black. My goal for this tank is to be a high tech, pressurized co2, heavily planted etc. I remember reading on a website (I think it was CAU) that there is some powder that you can mix into your substrate to make it more fertile(because flourite has very low nutrients) I think it is made by dupla? Could someone help me out finding this product.

My other options would be some kind of aquarium root tabs(which I am successfully using in a tank with fluorite currently) or taking a good 4 or 5 handfuls of Amazonia II from my 90gal and mixing it in.

Any opinions or thoughts on substrate fertilization would be greatly appreciated!


Edit: spelled flourite wrong :)


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Jan 24, 2005
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How about Osmocoat fertilizer pellets mixed into the lowest area of the substrate? Or, use a bottom layer of mineralized topsoil, which should be rich in nutrients too.


My better half has banned me from using layers ever again hehe - too many times have the layers inverted or mixed and we had to tear down the tank and mess with the substrate. The osmocote tabs sound promising, have you used these in the past? Is there any reason to buy seachem(for example) pellets over these beyond the obvious price difference.

I would like a long lasting and stable substrate(with the occasional addition of root tabs) which is why I chose fluourite over AS.