Subscription Charges for Lifetime Members?


Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
Sep 26, 2011
Mentone, AL
During Fall, 2013 I started a subscription for the Barr Report. In January I upgraded to Lifetime Membership, taking advantage of the Holiday Thank You Lifetime Upgrade. Now it's January, 2016 and I see I was charged $12.95 to renew my subscription. I'm really sorry to translate this into a post for all to see, but I have contacted Gregg Watson and received no recognition or reply. Then I contacted Tom Barr, and the same. So I'm curious, have others had this problem and what do we need to do to prevent it from happening again? It seems to me a Lifetime Membership is just that, and that there should be no Recurring Payments.

I fully expect this to be deleted, but at least I will have gotten someones attention.