Stubborn algae on crypt leaves

George Farmer

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Sep 6, 2006
Stamford, Lincs, UK
I getting algae, but it's limited to my Cryptocoryne parva only. Even my Anubias is clean.

It's a 33 gal. with 1wpg T8, 30ppm CO2 mist, ferts are Tropica+ (NP) 2ml daily with 1/3 - 1/2 water change per week with 10ml Excel added in fresh water.

It's covered with various crypts, Java fern and anubias. Although it's low light, growth is good and I'm seeing nice pearling.

It's gradually got worse of the last 4 weeks or so, since I moved the parva for a re-scape. I'm wondering whether the move upset them.... and will they recover enough to fight off the algae?

Meanwhile what advice do you suggest for cleaning it up? It actually scrapes off the leaves using my fingernails, leaving a few brown/black infested areas.

From the photo it looks like there's 3 types of algae. A bit of GSA, dying BBA and the brown/black matt stuff.

Any suggestions more than welcome.

Oh, I don't have any algae eaters. Should I invest in some Amano shrimp or otos perhaps?


Dave Spencer

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Jan 9, 2007
Otos will do a great job on anything brown. I find they will also clean any green algae clinging to hardscape when they are in the mood, so they may clean the leaves of everything but the tufts of algae. Unfortunately, they will spoil your S E Asian fish theme. Maybe you could buy them in as temporary residents.

I am surprised the tufts of algae have developed if you are dosing Excel, as I have used it with great success against a BBA and staghorn outbreak due to a CO2 cylinder running low without me noticing.


Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
C parva has always done well when I had lower light. It has done very well with 2 hours of sunlight per day also.

Blasting the CO2 mist on it also produced rapid gowth. It's pretty slow growing plant and produces less new growth than Anubias.

Tom Barr