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Jan 10, 2010
Boca Raton, FL
Hi-I am just getting started with auto-dosing.

I looked at the stocksol spreadsheet and it looks easy to use and a will save a lot of time.

But the options are 3X or 7X days dosing.


If I do a 50% water change on day 7, should I be dosing on that day?

In other words, should the calculator offer a 6X option?

Also, I am not familiar with the notation of 71,748---would this be 71.748 grams?


Thanks, Greg


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pat w

Nov 4, 2009
Daphne, AL (east Mobile Bay)
I scaled the weekly dose from a 3 day scheme to spread over 7 days. I have a re-purposed medical dosing pump that delivers a 24 hr/day continuous drip so I leave it running 24-7. It's a PITA (at least for me) to have an auto doser and have to shut it off for a day and then start it back up the next. In fact on WC days I don't want to induce limiting levels so I do a quick large dose at 1/2 the daily rate and then immediately set it back up for the continuous drip. That's an increase of ~7% on a weekly dose which is better than the alternative IMO.

Yup, 71,748 milligrams or 71.748 grams ... I got lazy when I found out the minimum increment for the spin button was 1 (no fractions or decimals) so I went with milligrams or milliliters (note the abbreviations in parentheses). When I get the final total value for a parameter I just round all the quantities to the nearest 100 mg for actual mixing. If you like you can enter that value directly in the appropriate cell and print off a copy of your recipe. It comes in real handy when you're weighing stuff out at the mixing station/table.



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Jul 27, 2011
Does anyone have the mg or grams conversion of each of the EI components like KNO3 and CSM+B etc?