Starting Over


Junior Poster
Aug 28, 2010
Okay, so I'm fed up with my sand substrate and just purchased 7 bags of Eco-Complete for my 90 gallon tank (48x18x24).

Here's what I have:

2x t5ho 54w 12000k and 2x t5ho 54w giesemann 6000 midday
co2 regulator with tom barr's DIY reactor
Aqua Clear 110 hang over filter
Fertz = EI method

What I want to plant/have:

I basically just want a good carpet in the tank. Im thinking about using HC AND/or Hairgrass. And that's basically it. No larger plants in the background, just a carpet!!!

I need to know how many pots of (HC/hairgrass) I need to cover the tank in HC (center only) and Hairgrass (all over).

Help! :)