Starting New and Need Ideas!


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Mar 17, 2008
Hi all. I've spent many hours searching the net for info but i bet the best way to get informed is to seek advice from others in the hobby.
- I would like to set up a planted tank at about 36*18*18, and would like to find a rimless tank. They seem quite expensive so i was wondering if anyone could recommend any suppliers or types of aquariums.
- also suggestions for possible T5HO lighting systems that would be suitable.

I would like to invest about $500 in just the glass aquarium and lighting(ie not including the plants, substrade, filters, co2). I was wondering if that is feasible or will i have to up the amount.
Greatly appreciated


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Jan 24, 2005
Sacramento, CA
That is about a 50 gallon aquarium, so you could work with a a pair of 2 x 36 watt AH Supply light kits, at $140 plus 4 bulbs at $16 or less apiece, for a total cost of $200 plus materials to make a fixture. The total light cost could then be under $250, leaving $250 for the tank, which should be possible if it isn't custom made. Glasscages has a 36x18x16 one for $130. So, your budget could work out very well, if you can find someone who sells rimless tanks in your area. You can find several ready made lights with about the right wattage within that budget too.