Starting a NON CO2 tank

Amitava Chakraborty

Junior Poster
Oct 25, 2005
Kolkata / West Bengal / India

I am going to make my 2'/1'/1' tank to a non co2 planted tank. This will have golssotigma,rotala roudofolia, java moss and anubius nana. I will cover almost 50% area of the tank with those plants initially.

The substrate will have 'Prodac humus' as a thin base layer and natural 1-2mm gravel as the main substrate. Because I can not have othere than AZOO substrate and Florabase as a commercial substrate only here in India. Should I change the gravel substrate to one of those commercial substrate ?

The tank will have 48 watt cfl as lighiting without reflector. (Should I change this ?)

Can you guys tell me that what the fert routine should I follow ?

I will top up with municipal water weekly.

Somebody suggesting me that I should have a good surface movement in a non co2 tank. What is your opinion regarding that ?


Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
Re: Starting a NON CO2 tank

I'd use a simple Hagen HOB style filter, nothing special and perhaps a 150 gal flow rate.

Lighting is too high, 40+w on a 15 gal tank is well over the mark, shoot for 30 watts of standard FL lighting.

The substrate choice you have is suitable. I think you will have a tough time with Gloss unless you plant the tank well.

I'd suggest no less than a very dense 75% initial planting.
You can remove plants later, but the first 1-2 months, plant heavy.
Also, any and all algae eaters you can add, should be done soon.

I would also add some java fern and some floating plant of some sort.
The flow from the filter can corral the floating plants into a certain region(the one without the rooted plants).

To grow Gloss and some of the other plants, I suggest adding a little Ca/Mg once a week, as well as a little KNO3/KH2PO4.

Tom Barr