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Start Of Non-co2 Tank

Discussion in 'Non-CO2 Methods' started by Gabcas, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Gabcas

    Gabcas Junior Poster

    Oct 10, 2015
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    5:03 PM
    Hello friends, I hope you have a very good 2019, my goal for this year is to have a low light excel tank, I had one a couple of years ago and it was a success, now I want to repeat it but in a bigger tank. Right now I have a 10 gallon tank cycling, just with a sponge filter something very simple, my goal is to transform it into a planted tank, I want to do things slowly to do them well so the first thing I focus on is lighting , in my last tank I had 25lumes / liter to 4 inches above the surface because if I put the light down the algae arrived, so for this tank I want less light to put it on the surface, I was thinking about 1W per gallon with compact fluorescent lights this is like 15lumens / liter in the light calculator of rotala butterfly says that this would be 21 PAR so I am willing to hear your suggestions and learn a lot, Thank you very much

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