Spreadsheet to make it brainless


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Mar 15, 2009
Vancouver, BC
Hi Tom,

Last night I was goofing around and ended up creating a spreadsheet to make the calculation of EI dosing amounts and schedules easier for those who are lazy (Like me. And yeah, I'm also just a geek...)

You enter your tank size, desired dosing schedule, actual and target water gH/kH, etc. and it spits out the various amounts to add.

It also calculates the amounts of ingredients to mix to create a liquid dosing system for those re-using their Pfertz or ADA pump bottles.

And finally, it calculates the quantities of ingredients needed for a year's supply based on the supplied parameters.

This is just a v1.0, so I would be grateful if you (or others more experienced than me) could take a peek, plug in some numbers, and see if I've got it about right. If you judge it a useful tool, I'm happy to make it available to all takers.



EDIT: PS: The spreadsheet is also available in OpenOffice.org (.ods) format. Let me know if you prefer that and I'll send it.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
You can try the other versions of dosing cal's and see how they compare, if the layout is better, which elements that others have etc, that you like, dislike etc and adjust and edit.

Some simple suggestions on the side bars are helpful at times etc.

Just look around and see what is useful based on what also has been done by others.

Then edit.

Tom Barr