Spots on Anubias

Paul Naj

New Member
Mar 21, 2012
Can someone please ID the algae on my Anubias Coffeefolia? I'm about 8 weeks into a rebuild on this tank. The Anubias Coffeefolia and Anubias Nana Petite are both growing really well, the Coffeefolia shooting new leaves daily but the older, higher leaves are getting algae after a period of time. I'm also still dealing with a bit if diatoms on the glass. Other than that plant growth appears to be good, especially the anubias and the limnophila hipporoides.

I know this isn't necessarily an indicator, but the growth of this algae was coincidental with the plants no longer pearling. The only other major change in the past 2 months was going from a diffuser to a Cerges reactor. I get no bubbles in the tank and little to no CO2 buildup in the reactor, but I do need to run about 9 or 10 BPS to get a full 1.0 PH drop but it takes about 4 hours to get there.

I still need to rent a PAR meter to check my lighting. I currently have 2 Marineland Aquatic Plant LED lights. The total lighting period is 9 hours with both lights on for the middle 5 hours. I'm going to bump the CO2 up a bit over the next week.

Thanks for your help.