Spirogyra and eleocharis belem


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Mar 5, 2009
6h/day is ok,

I got it twice (at least I believe as it is hard to say without some scientific knowledge in that area, that I don't have). In my 60 gal, I ended up removing the R. wallichii where it was growing despite heavy trimming and retopping. I think the R. wallichii couldn't grow in my tank and the algae was taking advantage of it. It took 6 weeks, but never came back

In my 12 gal nano in signature, it invaded the mosses on start (they were already full of it when I got them). I did nothing but manual removal and maintaining good conditions with high CO2. They went after about 8 weeks

In both cases, they never spread outside some plants, all other plants were healthy. So, like with most algae, I think that if they grow then it is because of some plants having trouble to grow. In your case, you also have ammonia detected by kits, so it could take a while. just be patient