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Sources for seagrasses

Discussion in 'Marine Plants - Macroalgae' started by rusticitas, May 13, 2008.

  1. rusticitas

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    May 4, 2006
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    1:36 PM
    I am thinking about putting together my first saltwater tank, and I want it to feature seagrasses, such as the turtle/manatee/shoal kinds. I love the idea of them waving in the current (perhaps using VorTech pumps and controllers to get the wave motions nicely done). Various rocks, etc. I'm not sure what fish just yet, but the idea of seahorses and pipefish are attractive. The overall look as I try to visualize it is very serene and relaxing. Quiet.

    That said, and before I slide off into a reverie with those thoughts...

    Where can one buy seagrasses? I am going nuts trying to find sources online to buy them.

    Also, any tips on what the tank's substrate, water, etc should be like to help succeed?

    (I do plan on lots of reading and some preliminary testing as funds allow.)

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