something wrong, i need help


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Jul 27, 2007
Hi, for 2 weeks my 5 month old tank not doing well, am using CO2, EI,4w/g , I found out that my nitrate level is quite high at 50ppm, i stoped adding kno3 for 3 days but nothing changed, it used to drop very fast before, plants were using it like there was no tom.
i did have some thread/ hair algea problem and was adviced to increase the po4 to 0.1mg/l (1ppm) one month ago and the algea are gone, actuly i dont have any typs of algea anymore.
am now dosing iron(plantex), k , trace.only for a week. co2 at target
am using 2 diffrent nitrate kits(hagen/seachum) both reading the same.
some of the plant doing ok, and some like te elodia not doing well.
somteing is missing............
please help