Something is up with one of my Ascophyllum nodosum


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Apr 3, 2005
just outside of Ottawa, Ontario
Hi folks,

I know there aren't really any keepers of coldwater macro's here, but I figure it's worth a shot to post, and also I want to see the Marine Plants forum active!!

I have three groups of Ascophyllum all of which were collected from the same site. I've had them for close to three months now, and one of the three is displaying 'unusual' symptoms of.. something!

Basically, one of the alga has vesicles that are 'deflated' compared to the others (originally, they were all the same). The three Ascophyllum live in identical conditions, as they are grouped more or less together.

With reduced vesicles the alga is less buoyant, and sinks, unlike the healthier ones that still reach for the surface when the water isn't moving them. Overall the primary shoots are also thinner looking than before.

I realize it's a longshot, but what the heck...