Something cool


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Nov 29, 2016
I have a 20 gallon tank that's kind of in a transitional stage right now. I have this big ol' green tiger barb in there and I recently added several more plants to it that I picked up from the local fish store. The plants had some brown diatom "algae" on them so I added a few Otocinclus Catfish to work out that problem. Otos are one of my very favorite fish. They can be pretty active and just plain fun to watch.

So anyway, I'm about to feed Mr. Barb and he knows it. He cruses over to my side of the tank. Suddenly an Oto swims over to him. I'm thinking, "you're getting a bit close there bud". But instead of darting away like I was expecting, the Oto starts sucking on the side of this giant tiger barb! "This can't be good" I'm thinking, as barbs aren't exactly known for their peaceful temperament. But the barb just chills out for a few seconds and lets the Oto do his thing. I'm thinking "no way is this happening". Yes way! I had to laugh at that one. Who'd have thunk it. :)