For Sale: [sold] Erio Breviscapum, Hygro Pinnatifida, S Repens, Dwarf Hair Grass, Myrio Guyana, Rotala


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Sep 19, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
Hi All,

I got another batch of plants I'm trying to sell to make room for new growth! The plants shown are pictures of the ACTUAL plants for sale!

Here's what I got for sale:

Picture 1 (top left to bottom right):
- Hygrophila pinnatifida L x1 pot $3 (4 stems of ~8" tall) [3 available]
- Eriocaulon breviscapum L x1 pot $10 (4 to 6 mother plants, ~6" tall)[3 available]
- Hygrophila pinnatifida SM x1 pot $2 (4 to 6 small plants, ~3" tall)[3 available]
- Myriophyllum guyana x1 pot $6 (~9 plants, ~4" tall)[2 available]
- Rotala wallichii x1pot $5 (~15 plants, ~6+" tall)[4 available]

Picture 2 (top left to bottom right):
- Eleocharis acicularis (Dwarf hair grass) x1 pot $5 [3 available]
- Staurogyne repens x1 pot $6 [9 available]
- Alternanthera reineckii x1 pot $4 [3 available]
- Rotala butterfly x1 pot $6 (~20+ stems, 6+" tall) [1 available]
- Hemianthus micranthemoides (Pearlweed) x1 pot $5 [2 available]
- Hygrophila augistifolia x1 pot $4 (~6 stems) [3 available]

Shipping is $8 USPS small flat rate (can fit 5 pots), $14 USPS medium flat rate (can fit 10+ pots). Free USPS small flat rate shipping on orders $25 or more (fits 5 pots). Free medium flat rate shipping on orders $40 or more (fits 10+ pots).

All plants have been grown submersed with CO2 injection and fertilization. The R. butterfly and rotundifolia were grown in high light conditions.

PM me if you're interested and I will send you my PayPal information after I confirm I have the number of plants you want. Because of recent delays in shipping by USPS, I will only be shipping plants out on Mon and Tue.


20181228_Plants 1.jpg

20181228_Plants 2.jpg

20181228_Xmas Moss.jpg
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