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Jun 18, 2007
I want to start a few emersed rubbermaid tanks outside to grow HC, UG , Glosso, and Dwarf Hairgrass to name a few. I need something relatively cheap so my first thought was SMS. I've never used it, but I hear it can be done. Is it worth the extra money for some fancy ADA AS or will SMS work just fine?

I also have this SWEET Dr. Pepper can (like the really big ones they keep drinks in at gas stations) that I want to grow some plants submerged in. The tank will be left in direct sun in the CRAZY Alabama heat. The water temps may get pretty loco. Maybe that's not the best idea? The resivor is only about 30 gallons so I don't think that is a large enought body of water to avoid crazy temp. swings. Do you think a little shade will do the tank good?

I've heard people have issues with KH and pH dropping like crazy, and since this is going to the a Ron Ronco "Set It and Forget It" style tank I'm wondering if this could cause problems or can I just pick the plants and fish accordingly? What fish would do well with no filtration and a crapload of plants?