soft stems and strange algea


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Jul 13, 2008
as the title says im having some problems with soft stems, and some weird looking algea. The plants are still new and i know patience is needed on my part for the plants to adapt to my water and what not. IMO my anubias isn't looking too bad meaning no holes or blotchy coloration but when i did a wc i was moving the driftwood it was planted on, and a stem with a flower and leaf just kinda fell off. when i checked it out it was really mushy.

and the other slight problem im having is this weird spiderweb looking algea its white and fuzzy looking and very sticky its a pita to try and remove it all.

what could this algea be and any ways to remove it?

what deficiency cuases soft stems?
im sorry i have no pics as of yet i mean i could take some cell phone pics but i dont think it'll help you guys out much



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Jan 24, 2005
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The best way for us to judge what is the "deficiency" is for you to tell us the tank size, light type, wattage, and where located (raised or sitting on tank), what fertilizing you do, if you use CO2 and is it pressurized or DIY and if you use a drop checker to tell how much CO2 you have. With that information it should be possible to judge what the problem is.