So I Stuffed Up... Ada Amazonia Soil


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Oct 13, 2019
Long story short.

Re-running this tank that had 1.5 years of ADA Amazonia in it.

I cleaned out the tank and out of habit from my goldfish keeping days, rinsed the soil only to find out after you’re not supposed to.

Now do I...

Add another layer of Amazonia on top

Scrap the entire 5 bags of Amazonia and buy the soil again. Hard lesson learnt

Just keep doing 80% water changes til it clears up.

I've thus far done, a 100% water change as I had thought I may have filled tank too quickly.
Had the filter on for 24hrs however have now switched it off. Should I be keeping the filter on?

Any help for this noob would be much appreciated!



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Oct 16, 2019
I'd wait like a day or two with the filters off and let all the suspended substrate precipitate.

I guess you could keep doing water changes but isnt that almost like rinsing it.

Also keeping the filter on would just gunk up it up so you'd have to clean that up anyway.

If your not pressed for time, doing nothing is what I would do.

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