Small Sword Plant Recs Please

** UncleEl **

Junior Poster
Apr 15, 2009
Atlanta, GA

Need 1st-hand-knowledge recommendations please on small species of sword plants (Echinodorus sp.) for my next tank. I'm planning an Amazon-theme setup in a 30 gallon Hex tank. Will be low light/ non CO2 with 40 watts of CF lighting. Should give me 1.5 wpg (real volume is approx 26 gals).

My short-list includes E. parviflorus 'Tropica', E. aquatica, and E. cordifolius 'Tropica Marble Queen'. These are all reported to have max height of 8". I will use E. tenellus foreground plants and some fast-growing stem plants in back corners. Due to tank height of 24", swords that stay 12-16" tall will be O.K. I'd also love a rec of a "red" sword that fits my height requirement (love those red swords).

Thanks everyone. UncleEl.