Side shoots are bothersome



OK, I know that side shoots are one of the ways plants reproduce and grow, but too may side shoots are really awesome. I've noticed that after dosing with EI, plants tend to grow side shoots, which are bothersome both to the aquascaping and pruning. Is there any method to reduce the side shoots? Or what parts of the ferts should I decrease to prevent aquatic plants from growing so many side shoots?

Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
Re: Side shoots are bothersome

I must say this 10 times a week: less light.
You are not going to get both bushy dense growth without offshoots and tall single stem growth.

Less light will provide some reduction in branching, it's a trade off between light and the type of growth you want for a pruning routine.

Some claim they get bushier growth with different lighting etc, I'v enever seen that. WhatI have seen is folks buying a nice new light bulb that puts out more light initially than their old bulb, then they think that the new color temp etc caused their plants to get bushier and redder.

The bushiness and the red color come from more light with the same amount of NO3 levels being dosed, but now you have more/faster uptake=> lower NO3=> more red color/bushier growth.

I like the bushy growth and find it a little easier to make groups with.

Tom Barr