Should K2SO4 Look Like Flour?



Due to the thread concerning a KH2PO4 shortage I decided to stockpile a few extra pounds of ferts so I wouldn't get caught short should an actual shortage or something of the like occur. I bought KNO3 and K2SO4 from aquariumfertilizers and something seems off. My first pound of K2SO4 that I've had since I began dry dosing was a lot like sugar granules, much like my KNO3. These two bags of K2SO4 I got today look like flour. Is this to be expected? First picture shows the new stuff, second shows the new and old (ends right above the label) stock in the same container. Different color and texture.




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Dec 14, 2009
I think its ok, they probably have another supplier with different granulation of k2so4 which can be all kinds

Potassium Sulphate ※Standard(Powder) Commodity Name Standard SOP Molecular Formula K2SO4 Appearance White or primrose yellow crystal powder

I have seen kno3 which looks like coarse brown sand...

Ask Julia from aquariumfertiliser, she will surely explain
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