Should I put my Spotted Plecy into Foster Care?


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May 17, 2008
Today I bought the CO2 kit and various for my new 200l planted aquarium. I've few plants planted so far, but the question is this. Man in shop thought I didn't ought to bring my Plecy to the new tank when it's ready cos they swim messy and wreck plants and I can't remember why else, it might have been a algae ting. Gonna keep shrimps and tetras and danios and elder guppies I think, perhaps some catfish? but have a couple of Sword Tails, a platy and another fish that defo isn't making the move. I bin well happy with my Plecy and I don't want to lose him really. Will he be a bad fish, to have in my planted one. Can anyone help advise. I'm new to planted tanks.




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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida

Since I do not know what type of pleco you have, I will provide a few generalities:

1. Many Plecos are strong in body with a good sized tail. That alone could cause issues esp with carpet or delicate plants.

2. Many plecos need wood in their diet, so please ensure you have some wood in the tank.

3. Many plecos need PLANTS in their diet, so some plants will be eaten. Many have observed (me for instance) that any sword leaves will be scaped clean and ruined.

4. Many plecos need algae to survive, so some must be provided, or a supplement.

5. They can be fed algae wafers and the like as a supplement, but no guarantee they won't eat your plants.

6. Plecos can get BIG based on the species. A 50 gallon tank is not really that big.

So, please provide the species of plecostomus and then research from that point on.

Hope this helps.