Should I Dose Ei In This Tank?


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Feb 10, 2015
I have a low tech tank with around 25par photo period 7 hours. It has crypts, anubias, and marsilea mintuta.

I've been having issues with BBA. I daily dose excel and do a weekly water change of around 30-50%.

Ei Dose once a week: around 1/16th or 1/32 kno3, 1/32 or1/64 kh2po4, 1 -1.5ml flourish

tank has about 5 ppm for nitrates

I'm not sure if ei dosing is causing excess nutrients, if theres lack of nutrients or if theres excess organics. Or if 25 par is too high for the selected plants. I recently added some giant duckweed in case its organics.

Brandon Kidd

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Feb 28, 2019
Northeast ohio
I have a low tech that was covered in bba, it seemed to respond quickly to large water changes. I started doing smaller water changes ,20percent, every other week. My tank is almost bba free after just a few months.

I also removed many of the leaves that were heavily affected each week. And a few of my crypts and anubias i uprooted and dipped them in h2o2 . It's probably not your fertilizing that's causing it but your large water changes causing big fluctuations in co2. Hope this helps