Setup check


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Oct 29, 2007
Northern Virginia

Just wanted to double check and see if what I did with my new setup sounds reasonable, I welcome any and all feedback.

I used a 10KG pure wormcasting and black sand mixture as the bottom most layer. I boiled the WC for 15 minutes and dried per the instructikons here. I dusted the surface with oscomote plus 19-6-12-so basically the entire bottom was covered by a thin layer, I also dusted on top of that with a light later of dolomite and k2S04. (probably overkill), I then topped this with eco complete, which I like for aesthetic reasons, sloping back to front 3 to 2.5 inches.


I am running my CO2 into the intake of my mag 500 pump, and using a RIO 270 gph powerhead in the tank to assist the CO2 along, i'm not using a reactor in addition, but suppose I could if it would make a big difference. I have it on 2 hours before lights up and off 2 hours before lights go down. I use plants and algae as my guide, I have found no other method even drop checkers really work any better.


Lighting I have 4x55 t5-hO over my 72G. Its Current NOVA Extreme so its not a great light like a tek, but good enough. I only use 2x55 of the light, going for an 8 hour photoperiod


3 Angelfish of decent size, a school of 12 diamond tetras, 10 otos and, 1 SAE, and 3 yo yo botias, 50% WC weekly. Plants are Rotala Indica as primary background. I have moneywort as my filler weed for now, some Ludwigia repens, Lilaeopsis Mauritiana, crypt wendti brown and green. Growing Riccia on the surface for wood decor. I'd say the tank is lightly to moderately planted now. My overgrown prior jungle left me with a great quantity of plant, but not a large amount great quality plant.


Going to do EI as recommended for tanks 60-80, will switch to K2SO4 is nitrate climbs a bunch. Not adding an iron supplement, just the standard KN03, KH2PO4, and Plantex CSM +B, should I add additional iron?

Thanks for the feedback, I woudn't know 5% of what I know today if it wasn't for the site.