Seagrass tank plumbed with reef tank considerations?


Mar 7, 2008
Hello everyone,

I'm only in the asking questions stage of planning my seagrass/mangrove tank but in the next few months I'd like to add a 40-65 gallon marine planted plumbed inline with my 35 gallon hex reef tank (SPS, LPS, softies, fish, inverts and clams). Essentially I'd like to try and replicate a seagrass flat on the right end using thalassia or if need be halophila that would then slope upward to a shallower end of the tank containing mangroves. The slope would be constructed of baffles combined with rock rubble to hold up the bank of sediment in which 2-3 mangroves would be planted. On the left end would be the overflow back to the reef. I'd like to include some macros and an assortment of critters. I'm thinking of overnight shipping back to myself some specimens and sediment from my next trip down south.

Some questions:
1.) To dose or not to dose ferts considering this will be inline with my reef? I currently use PPS Pro with my freshwater planted tanks. I'm wary of adding NO3 or PO4 with corals of course but I can target to reduced levels I guess.
2.) I'd like to play with CO2. I'll use pressurized, probably with a Mazzei or beetle style diffuser. After the overflow should I add maybe one more slim overflow baffle compartment to additionally de-gas the water before it goes back to the reef?

Anything else I should think about at this point?