Seagrass fertilization


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Oct 7, 2006
I want to try to grow seagrass in my marine reef tank. I decided to plant the grass in a small amount of marine mud (secured via half a peat-pot) and then sink the whole pot in the sand. Assuming this works at all and the grass grows, I would think I'll need to fertilize at a later time as the mud nutrients are exhausted. What would be safe to use in a marine reef tank? Can I use plant tablets such are used for pond plants, in order to get the fertilizer to the roots rather than have it drifting around the tank where it might cause nuisance algae problems? Any suggestions appreciated.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
What type of grass did you want to keep?

The substrate method will work, but you do best with 5-8" depth.
Garden soil soaked in a thin shallow pan or boiled 10 minutes prioor will work, mix at 1:4 ratio soil: aragonite.

Cap with 1-2" aragonite.
You can also add mud cubes(freeze "mud" in ice cube trays to replenish).
Do not use a peat pot. Use a plastic cup etc.

Tom Barr