Seachem Equilibrium Adds How Much K??

Ivy Zhu

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Jun 17, 2020
New York City
I use RODI water, and so I have to add around 8 grams of Seachem Equilibrium to reach around 6dGH for my 5 gallon planted tank. This also adds...80ppm of Potassium? I know that people say overdosing potassium is not a worry, is this really true? I've also heard that an overdose will limit calcium uptake, and maybe this is why my plant leaves are curling despite 6+ dGH. 80ppm, is that a concern? Should I switch to another brand without K or just make my own with Calcium Sulfate and Epsom salt?


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Sep 16, 2015
Hillsboro, OR
Make your own. 80ppm sounds about right, and if you think it’s worrying then making your own is best option. I have used equilibrium in past with no issues though.