RVT 600 and CO2


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Jan 24, 2005
Tom, few questions about this pump and delivery of CO2. There is a 90 degree, short line on the pump. Do you know what its purpose is? There is a long line with a "bulb" on the end. Again, would you know what that is? I suspect that port, or line, would be an input for a CO2 line -is that correct? You mentioned in an earlier post some people had experimented with this, have you had any reports on the success rate with this pump? Thx in advance, Walter :gw :D :D

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Re: RVT 600 and CO2

Hi, the bulb end is where the CO2 goes into and gets sucked into the impeller, then any larger bubbles are recirculated in the venturi outlet tube back into the impeller section.

There is also a super impeller, made by AM, they use it on their turbofloater needle wheel skimmer, I'm nto sure about the size, but it might work in another cheapy type power head(the AM complete pump is like 70$!), they cost 15$ for the impeller.

If they made a smaller version, say 150 gph or so, then you could use it from 10-100 gal tank sizes.

Tom Barr