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Rotala Sp. 'colorata' Twised Again

Discussion in 'Aquatic Plant Fertilization' started by ConaHo, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. ConaHo

    ConaHo New Member

    Aug 9, 2019
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    9:42 AM
    Hello everyone, I am from bad English coming to Taiwan.
    I used google to complete the next conversation.

    After a period of effort
    My ROTALA still appears twised
    I did a lot of experiments and it lasted for a while.
    But still failed

    Normal and abnormal are planted in the same block
    When new top leaves appear, twised immediately after a few days

    My tap water owns GH<1 ,KH<1 ,TDS=40-50ppm ,NO3 and PO4 are <1ppm
    I guess the reason may be lack of CO2, light or deficiency nutrition .
    I tried to change many conditions independently.

    1. Use CO2 to reduce about 1pH(pH=7.1 to pH=5.9 ) ,start and close simultaneously with the light .Although it didn't work, I still do it until the end of the experiment.

    2. I started using EI, providing a total of N: P:K=10:1:10ppm of the main nutrient ,Seachem Trace 1.5cc and ADA ECA 6 drops secondary nutrition every week .Although it didn't work, I still do it until the end of the experiment.

    3. I suspect that there is really calcium deficiency. After changing the water every week, I used HAGEN to make TDS up to 120ppm. Although it didn't work, I still do it until the end of the experiment.

    4. After my light increased, the total number of plants improved. Finally, I suspect that the quality of the light is not correct, so I need more light than the original. I plan to buy a seneye reef spectrometer to measure the intensity and quality of light.

    If the inference is correct, I will replace the light
    But if there is an error, I have no other way.

    This is an abnormal part of the same block
    3.jpg 4.jpg

    This is the same block, but the normal part, I believe that in a few days, there will still be twised
    1.jpg 2.jpg
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