Root Tabs- Are they worth using and which ones are the best?


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Mar 25, 2010
Grand Forks, ND
I would much rather purchase from a fellow hobbyist who CARES about the hobby and what they sell any day. Its about contributing to what we all enjoy doing. I drive 72 miles to a "local" shop for live stock now and ask there for some things before looking elsewhere because the owner cares about the hobby, is willing to talk and share ideas. Its a much different thing in the big box stores and other places that only care about moving product. Root_Medic is for sure a guy who cares about what he sells, who bought it, and the hobby overall. To be honest, I would pay more for that anyways.

Personally, I have sent off plant packages of various plants for free to new hobbyists with limited budgets to help them get started. I don't do it because I want to make money, although selling things is a good way to spend money towards the hobby, I do it because I enjoy the hobby, am greatful to those who have helped me, and show my appreciation by sharing the passion with others whenever possible.