Rex Griggs Reactor With Fx6 Issues

Patrick McKay

New Member
Mar 5, 2019
I have my RG CO2 reactor set up and running.
3” PVC approx 30” overall height, filled with media balls 2/3rds the height.
My CO2 is added via a T fitting before the reactor. I know this is not the typical RG reactor configuration, however I have serious concerns drilling and a fitting a line into the side of it. I can’t take that risk.
You can see in the photo that I still have a decent amount of small bubbles, these are coming from the filter output.
My regulator was set to a very high bps count (like probably 20.) fish are totally fine. I’ve tried many different bubble rates and still get bubbles in tank.
My understanding is that with the larger reactor (with media balls,) and the longer dwell time; that I could use a higher bpm count.
For those using a RG reactor, is it reasonable to think that the bubbles present in the tank are a result of the CO2 injected before the reactor?
I’ve seen setups with a mid height T fitting with a treaded barbed fitting suppling CO2, would this make a difference as opposed to injecting the CO2 before the reactor? On a different forum it was suggested that the FX6 has too much flow, such that it’s just flushing the CO2 through the reactor before it can dissolve.

Thanks in advance.