reviews on hagen lighting system?


May 8, 2007
Looking for a lighting system that's decent for tank.

I have a odd shaped rimless tank, looking to do a suspended lighting system and looking for a asthetically pleasing lighting system which is decently priced.

I got about 21 gallons and looking for a 24" fixture and looking for roughtly around 2.5 wpg.. or around there.

I been looking at the hagen " Glo T5 HO Lighting System" the 24 inch setup with 2x24 watts t5's.

Seems they have had some decent reviews, and they are decently priced.

I'd like to grow hairgrass in the tank, some blyxa, java moss, other mosses...

Input apprecaited.


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Jun 15, 2008
I can tell you that I am very happy with all of my Hagen T5 fixtures. Very well made and so far they have withstood anything I can throw at them.

One suggestion is to buy your T5HO bulbs at a local hydroponics or lighting store. Most retailers mark up the bulbs to such a degree that you can buy 2 or 3 of them for the same price elsewhere.

By the way, I have four double 24" fixtures running at the moment.

One thing I did notice about them was that they do not have on/off switches. So a timer is necessary.

Hope that helps,


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Nov 12, 2005
I have both 60cm and 90cm two-lamp Hagen GLO's (1 year or so).
Excellent product, while I would prefer 4xT5 fixture instead of two fixtures with 2xT5.

Light intensity not as high as I wished to - reflector is NOT parabolic.
Two 2x54W fixtures above 100cm tank is quite enough (if you prefer average growth rates).

If they would made parabolic reflector we could hang them higher above the tank to have better access for maintenance.
When you have tow two-lamp fixtures standing on their own “legs” you have very narrow stripe of space to get your hands wet.
It’s pity they missed parabolas – just one smash of pressing mashine... and light would be 1.5 more intensive + pendant more convenient for a planted tanks :(

Missing switch is really a good thing for beginners – everyone is forced to NEVER use them without a Timer. I absolutely agree with its absence.
Cord is long, but not enough for ADA-style pendant hanger.

Hagen's T5-HO Life-Glo 6700K bulbs is a true luck for a European aquascaper as Hagen is much more available in aquashops in general, and costs cheaper.
It is really one of the best lamps for a planted tanks. They have quite good color rendition (“one thumb up”), but not as good as JBL T5, Arcadia or ADA's lamps (“two thumbs up”).
Good red’s, good greens.
In the morning they seem a little bit yellowish, but at evening they look for my eyes green again :) .
Especially color rendition is good when only two lamps turned on in a densely planted tank - deep shadows gives better colors and contrast. Beautiful.

Price of Hagen's T5-HO Life-Glo 6700K bulbs is reasonable - $20 per lamp with 9000-12000h life.
Plants growth (I mean PAR for them) is good and there is absolutely no need for par-lamps.

With one 2x24W GLO above 60x30x36cm tank I have glosso growing quite good. (GLO is standing on its own "legs" = ~8cm above water, placing closer to water surface will not improve lighting as light loss through side walls of a tank increases)



May 8, 2007
Well you guys have both givem some great reviews, i feel alot more comfortable with my choice as i had before, i've read some negative feedback, but wanted to get some more opinions :)

Like i said i got a 21 gallon.. kinda a odd shaped, but it's rimless so i want to make it look good.

I want to be able to grow HC, Dwarf Hairgrass, UG.

You think i can do that with this 2x24 w HO Lighting system?? or am i going to struggle. I will be adding fertz and injection co2 pressurized.

Do you think i should spring for this hagen one.. or maybe look else, and if so.. let me know what else you think i should spring for.