Returning To The Hobby

Phil Sanford

New Member
Apr 5, 2020
I am a retired college professor and have been away from the hobby for 10 years. I am returning to try my hand at a 75 gallon high tech planted tank. I have a lot to learn and been growing a few tissue culture plants emersed with good success. I have setup my hard scape and just started my journey with a dry start planting 2 days ago. I am using Amazonia v2 and a Finnex 24/7. I am assembling my parts list for the CO2 injection system. Among my scores of questions, are these. Will this light be adequate once the tank is filled or do I need a second light? Does anyone have a bullet proof recommendation for a CO2 reactor to go inline with with an Fx6? Suggestions are welcome. Her is a bad picture.
JPEG image 2.jpeg
welcome. Thanks in advance.