Returning to Fresh water after marines


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Jul 4, 2007
Plymouth, Devon
Hi Guys,

Just a quick hello.

I'm Paul from Plymouth.

I'm returning to keeping fresh water tropicals after a 5 year period of marine reef keeping. I'm shutting my 48"x24"x24" reef as i'm getting busier with work commitments and feel that i'm not doing my reef justice. My corals, inverts and fish deserve more attention! Not that i'm under any illusions that keeping a planted tank will be maintainence free:eek:

I previously kept fwt for 15 years and my last tank prior to my reef was a 36"x12"x15" planted set up running a basic aeorsol CO2 system.

My plan is to re-establish my present 100 gallon reef tank into a planted system and use the sump contaning another 30 gallons as an external filter type set up. I've already stripped the tank down and have throttled all the flow back to avoid de-gassing. Absolutly silent over the weir and down the standpipe to the sump, no bubbly noises at all!

I'm going to re-employ the existing pressurized CO2 system i'm currently running on the reef, all be it with modifications. I've just bought the Aqua Medic reactor 1000 for CO2 diffusion, looks the business but we'll see how it performs.;)

Lighting is intially in the form of two twin 55w T5 units with decent reflectors, so appx 210w. Not sure on which T5 lamps to use yet guys? Any suggestions? I want good plant growth obviously but don't want to make the fish appear washed out.

Fish stocking will consist of a large shoal of Boesmani rainbows, A large shoal of Rummy nose tetra, marbled hatchets for the top and some corys for the bottom. My wife has also insisted that we get a pair of kribs as she loved the ones we had in the last set up!:p

I'm liking the resources available via this forum. Learning new things and refreshing old knowledge!:rolleyes:


Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Light sound sideal, 4x 54 w is plenty.

6500K range lighting is great.

Good flow and CO2 is about all, if interested,consider 6-8 bags of ADA's aqua soil amazonia for a sediment.

Tom Barr

Dave Spencer

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Jan 9, 2007
If it is power compact T5s that you are after, I can recommend a combination of Interpet Daylight Plus and Triplus. Take a look at Aquatics-online for competitive prices.

You may find that with the levels of light you are going for, this tank will be anything but low maintenance if you plant a lot of stems.