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Reset Tank Al

Discussion in 'Algae Control' started by Kamlesh Barot, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Kamlesh Barot

    Kamlesh Barot Junior Poster

    Dec 25, 2013
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    11:08 AM
    I had an established planted tank of 13inches or 33 cms*32 inches or 81.3 cms *21 inches or 53.3 cms so water capacity is 33x81.3x53.3 divived by 1000 = 142.99857 lts or 143 litres aquarium size or 37.7762 gallons
    that I have now reduced the height to half.

    The new dimensions are:
    13.5 inches or 34.29 cms * 20 inches or 50.8 cms * 21.5 inches or 54.61 cms = 34.29*50.8*54.61 divided by 1000 = 95.13 lts or 25.13 gallons

    Earlier I used to dose 30ml from a 500ml mix of:
    29.146 gms of KNO3
    4.44 gms of KH2PO4
    55.5 gms of MgSO4
    4.44g gms of K2SO4
    18.249 grams of Plantex CSM+B

    Now with half the height of tank or 25 gallons instead of the ferts reducing they have increased at some places with your calculator:
    For 90ml each 4 water and 140gms of ferts 500 ml mix is made and 5 ml of each or 20ml total is dosed 6 days of the week, Macro, Micro & nothing on Water Change day
    Macro NPK:
    KNO3 = 20.94 gms
    KH2PO4 = 3.19 gms
    MGSO47H20 to mgso4=86.82gms at conversion of 7H2O to pure mgso4 divided by 0.483 =179.75
    K2SO4=28.62 gms Total 139.57gms
    Micro Plantex CSM+B = 5.6 gms.

    I can't understand how in spite of the size reducing ferts have gone up:
    Now gms Before gms Diff +/-
    KNO3 20.94 29.14 8.20
    KH2PO4 3.19 4.44 1.25
    MGSO47H20 86.82 55.5 -31.32
    K2SO4 28.62 4.44 -24.18
    Total 139.57 93.52 -46.04
    Micro Plntx
    CSM+B 5.6 18.24 12.64

    Besides all this the new setup has started algae as in the attached picture, for which I have shut lights for 2 days and wrapped the aquarium in newspaper. Please tell me if my calc are correct?




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