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Jan 29, 2005
Hey all. I've been keeping plants for over two years after the internet made me look at freshwater tanks in a different way. My tanks range from low light to very high light and are all very dynamic since I like to experiment with new plants and shuffle things around here and there.

I'm a firm believer that a plant doesn't have to be difficult to grow to be a great looking plant. Because of that I have a lot of anubias and moss even in high light tanks. I have a special liking for the rotala species and also lobelia cardinalis. I do like to aquascape but admit that I'm not a great planner but as long as the plants are growing, I'm satisfied.

I also keep a coral reef but to be honest, I find that my planted tanks are my number one interest. I think it is because there is more interaction since plants grow a whole lot faster.

Recently I've became quite interested in photography so hopefully I'll be posting some nice plant shots as time goes by.