Red Sea CO2 Reactor 500


Junior Poster
Dec 23, 2009

after asking from many people about which co2 diffuser i should go for, i have finally decided to get this one. i wanted simple things and am guessing this is it. i was looking forward to get the aqua medic but i thought it was too complicated.

please give me your opinion about this diffuser or if you have any experience with it. how effective is it etc.

i have already bought this for my 50g tank.

thank you


Guru Class Expert
Mar 5, 2009

In my opinion, is it has many flaws:
- in tank setup: ugly and too large, will need regular cleaning from debris and algae, pump will clog if not maintained causing CO2 fluctuations
- pump is too small, flow out of this thing won't diffuse CO2 every where. You should mabye have your filter outlet near it to help this
- no mist effect
- users say it won't dissolve CO2 above 2bps, despite it is claimed for 3bps.

The AM1000 is by far a better and easier to setup product in my opinion. Or get any of these new cheap ebay UP CO2 Atomizer, they work impressively