Recommended Slow Growing Plants


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Jul 23, 2008
I was hoping somebody can give me some Ideas on what plant they would recommend.

Currently I have a 40 Gallon Aquarium and going to CO2. I work away on a offshore platform for three weeks at a time and my wife does a great job of looking after my aquarium (Considering we have 2 children under 3). I do not think my wife will trim plants though , as when i come home I usually do it a have a bucket full of the stuff. So what I am looking for from all you gurus is what type of slow growing plants would you recommend. I have seen some aquariums with just ground covers and moses that look really good and probaly need minimum trimming. I would like to have some stem plants though.

The reason I am going CO2 is so my plants look healthy not growth rate

Thank you

Sorry about the life story (New poster)


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Mar 12, 2009
Control the light first, and see what that gives you. Less light done properly will slow plants down without killing them. I've found "slow" and "fast" growing plants a misnomer most of the time; conditions can change which ones grow fast or slow.



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Sep 23, 2007
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Any stem plant will grow based on the amount of light/nutrients it receives.

Not sure if there are 'slow growing' stems :)

C02 is going to increase growth rate somewhat as it is a vital plant nutrient. Even if the light is reduced.

Anubias, mosses, cryptocoryne species, and bolbitus may work well for the setup/maintenance you have in mind......