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Re-Start 40Gal (150L) 91x38x45cm

Discussion in 'Non-CO2 Methods' started by Mezuri, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Mezuri

    Mezuri Junior Poster

    Apr 26, 2013
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    1:26 PM
    Hey everyone,
    Long time reader, first time poster.
    I havn't had much in the way of massive success in my dirted tanks. They have started out Great! but within 3-6 months have pretty much died back and am now in a bit of a loss.
    I am Australian and some of the items you all have spoken about are either extremely expensive or unobtainable.
    This is my outdoor tank as of 2 months ago: - Don't want to have pic's loading if not necessary.
    It now looks almost like a wasteland and I do not want to show it to you all as I am very upset with it.
    As I mean outdoor, It is in indirect sunlight. It gets around 4 hours of direct light and the rest is shaded light. It is on my balcony.

    This is my indoor tank: - Don't want to have pic's loading if not necessary.
    Its growth has completely stopped. I am battling with Hair Algae and god knows what other algae BBA I think. (sorry for the poor pic phone camera a bit screwy).

    I need to redo both of them and am struggling to get anywhere. I am aware of most methods of soil preparation. However I don't have a large are to sun dry soil. By the looks of my outdoor one now being a wasteland I don't think I have alot of time to spend rinsing and draining soil for the next 2 months or running a Dry Start Method. I can't bake due to my oven doesn't get any higher then 100 degrees C. (200f) cause its broken..

    I can boil I have portable gas stove to take outside and Boil.

    Ingredients I have available to me as by purchase are:

    Dolomite Lime
    Soils - Not a great choice...
    Potash - not sure is if its Muraite or Sulfate..
    I can get pottery clay but I cannot provide a link :p

    Thanks heaps in advance!
    #1 Mezuri, Sep 18, 2013
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