Ramping up photoperiod after replacing ballast


Dec 7, 2015
I had a ballast that powers 2 lights die on my quad T5HO. By the time I get the new one in, it will probably have been 5-7 days since my plants had full light. Do I need to gradually increase the duration I have the lights on the replaced ballast so I don't shock my system by essentially doubling the light? Here's my set up:

29 gallon

Moderate to heavily planted (varoius crypts & swords, barclaya longifolia, nymphaea stellata & a small patch of barely established glossostigma)

Pressurized CO2 (approx 20 ppm)

Dosing EI

Flourite substrate

Lights: T5HO (3x 6500K, 1x 10,000K; dead ballast powers 2x 6500K bulbs), 10 hr photoperiod

lights are 6" from water surface