Questions/concerns In A Newly Planted Tank


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Feb 22, 2019
Hi all,

I've had a fluval spec V set up for around two weeks now and have a few questions and potential concerns regarding plant growth.

Although posted in my introduction I will rundown my setup. I'm currently using stock lighting, which is the fluval spec (2.0) light, which seems very bright. I am also using the stock pump. There is no heater, however the water temperature is steady at around 23C / 75F. The tank is home to a single crowntail betta.

All plants are planted in about 1.5-2" of fluorite black. The current plants include hornwort, s. repens and rotala indica (or rotundifolia- please help identify).

So far, the hornwort is doing exceptionally well, and is growing at light speed.

The s. repens is also doing well. There appears to be some new growth and the colour has remained vibrant. A small question I have is about the leaves, as some of them appear to be slightly rippled, and I'm unsure if this is indicative of a deficiency.

The rotala is the plant that I am most concerned about. They have maintained their pink colour in the upper part of plant, and the upper leaves appear healthy and full. However, the lower leaves of the plant appear to be a faded green with some brown spots. These spots almost look like damage you would see on a tree leaf outside. There is no leaf fall, and the bare stems were as is when planted. I cannot recall if these spots existed at the time of planting.

I have also noticed that in the upper parts of the rotala, there are (very few) white leaves or leaves with white splotches. I am also unsure what this is, and whether I should be concerned.

I currently dose flourish comprehensive twice a week and flourish excel daily. The water tests well, with no nitrites and low nitrates. I'm providing light for about 8-10 hours per day.

- Tobias

TLDR: my rotala is browning at the bottom, with some white spots at the top, and my s repens has some rippled leaves. Should I be concerned? What should I add/change?